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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

fashion show

We had a 'big assignment' to make a fashion show. Under english subject. Hmm.. around two weeks preparation (grammar ntah dapat berapa). Every group should be guys and girls. So, my group team were :
harun (harun)

zafira (fiera)

rosmalizi (jie)

zainab (zai)

naharudin (nahar)

our team : classy6 (classic)

Today, we presented our fashion show. Our fabric type was 'pelikat'. Me as the fashion designer, harun as MC. Another, be the models. In our company Classy6, nahar as the manager, fira as his assistant, harun as marketing executive, me as fashion designer, jie as advertising executive (i don't know the true 'title' for this job) and zai as accountant.

Although we not the best group, but we had done our the best. I am proud to co-operate with them, thanks to harun, jie and nahar (i used to co-operate with fira and zai).

i will remember the time i put the 'kerongsang' to 'tanjak' over.... who's head?

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