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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

blogger and border

We know nowadays the second source of information, the media electronic has played such a big role to our people and country indirectly. Everybody is talking about blog, blogger and blogging. As mentioned before, Malaysia has no specific code of ethical to be applied to bloggers. So, the government is recommended to create the ethics as a guideline for those who want to be a blogger.

Next, we look to the freedom on speech. Bloggers seems like free to speech and give his opinion if we look to Clause (1), List II of Federal Constitution. Yet in other hand, the next Clause (4) stated about the prohibited and the limitations on freedom in speech and give personal opinion for all people which include a blogger. It is no doubt that everything we do must follow the rule and have it limitations.

Our laws look like do not give the right of freedom to the blogger because there are many acts can be use to prevent the bloggers from writing. The Internal Security Act for example, very tough and not such a good act because the person who injure on that act, he will never be sit in judgment. In addition, The Official Secret Act avoids a blogger to talk on the exact issues. It can hinder us as a citizen from the truth.

As a conclusion, I would like to make a suggestion that our government maybe should more tolerance with the bloggers. It does not mean that then the bloggers can do anything he want, but I believe there is a freedom to speech for a blogger and I believe the rights with the responsibilities. In my opinion, the government perhaps can make an amendment to certain acts that bloggers are subject to. In same time, maybe the government can ask for a free registration on blog like what has been done by our mobile phone providers
. And I believe there is freedom for speech and to know the truth.


nuyui said...

salam puteri.. :)
betul la..dlm blogging kita xleh la langgar law yg sedia ade kan..

tp kan.. akak cukup kecewa ngn manusia2 yg x faham konsep blog ni..blog ni kan is meant for free expression..including bout ourselves.. tp ade je manusia yg suka kutuk2 n ganggu hidup blog org.. huhuhu...sungguh x patut kan.. :P

puteri said...

iya. mmg xpatot buat gguan dkt blog org n smua2 tu.

tp brbalik kpd kbbsn brsuara yg kta uar2kn nmun ia sbnrnya tiada.

jd bgaimana ya?


[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

truth need to be told