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Friday, April 16, 2010

without a word

I shouldn’t have done that

I should have just ignored it

Like something I couldn’t see

Like something I can’t see

I shouldn’t have looked at you at all

I should have ran away

I should have acted like I didn’t hear it

Like something I couldn’t hear

Like something I can’t hear

I shouldn’t have listened to love at all

Without a word you let me know love

Without a word you gave me love

You made me even hold of your breath

But you ran away like this

Without a word love leaves me

Without a word love tosses me away

What should I say next?

My lips were surprised on their own

Coming without any words

Why does it hurt so much?

Why does it hurt continuously?

Except for the fact

That I can’t see you anymore

And that you are not here anymore

Otherwise it is the same as before

Without a word tears fall

Without a word my heart breaks down

Without a word I wait for love

Without a word I hurt because of love

I zone out I become fool

Because I cry looking at the sky

Without a word farewell finds me

Without a word the end comes to me

I think my heart was surprised to send you away

Without any preparation

It came without a word

Without a word it comes and leaves

Like the fever before

Maybe all I need to do it hurt for a while

Because in the end only scars are left

Lyric Translation: Without a Word

Korean Movie: You’re Beautiful

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