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Monday, June 14, 2010

the most beautiful day

Last night i was outing with my two sister and one of my sister's husband @ my bro in law + my two nieces.

This morning my sisters give me black handback and a green towel as a present. Oh? Lot of thanks. Hu.hu.. Last three days i got green tshirt from one of my sis. He.he..
;-) ;-)

Next, i went to my friend house. She is my housemate. She also my senior because last sem was her last sem in USIM.

I feel happy. Her mom, dad and youger sis treat me best. I'm enjoyed there!

Thanks to Kak Pija!

Mengira-ngira entry dalam bahasa inggeris yang keberapa.... he.he


nohas said...

Salam, blog berwajah baru..nice..good choice..

puteri said...

sesekali menceriakan suasana ;-)

suri said...

baru perasan..
them yang cantik skli..

puteri said...

k. suri -->>

trimas ;-)